Selected plays


An Octoroon


by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

Artist Repertory Theatre

co-direction - Dámaso Rodriguez

AN OCTOROON is a raucously irreverent riff off a 19th Century hit melodrama set on a Louisiana plantation. Branden Jacobs-Jenkins offers a brazen and metatheatrical experience that twists a world of larger-than-life stereotypes into blistering social commentary. It's a hilarious and gasp-inducing satire from one of America's most thrilling writers.

“…directors Lava Alapai & Dámaso Rodríguez understand what the show is trying to do and turn everything up to 11.” 
-TJ Acena, Oregon Artswatch

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“Addressing race in theater—an art form too often dominated by white people in both its creation and its consumption—is an important task in any political moment, and this is one of the best treatments of it I’ve seen in recent memory.”
-Megan Burbank, Portland Mercury

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“The play holds up a mirror to our ideas about race and then proceeds to shatter them…”
-Krista Garver, Broadway World-Portland

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by Stephen Karam and PJ Paparelli

 Inspired by the 1999 Columbine school shooting.

"The eight-member cast, drawn from across the metro area, does terrific, fiercely committed work, and the fine director Lava Alapai keeps the action tense and clear and focused."

- BOB HICKS, Oregon ArtsWatch

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Charlotte's Web

by Joseph Robinette

 "Alapai shows a steady hand when dealing with this complex setting and cast.  She understands the story and allows a lot of humor to enhance the characters."

- Dennis Sparks

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by Jacquline Woodson

"Director Lava Alapai works with a sure and quiet hand as she brings us deeper into Lonnie's life and reveals more of his story."

-  Carol Wells, The Oregonian/OregonLive 

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"OCT’s production, under Lava Alapai’s astute and sensitive direction, brings the story to fruition with theatrical richness and satisfying econom."

- Bob Hicks, Oregon Artswatch

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other projects


48 hour film festival

lava alapai -writer/ director

jeff woods - camera/editor